Colin Clark Building 39, University Dr, Brisbane QLD, 4067 

Match Report: So So Fresh Pub Crawl

The UQBA So So Fresh Pub Crawl kicked off in earnest at the RE hotel at 12pm on Sunday the 23rd of April, in what was supposed to be a family friendly time slot, but at times seemed anything but. The smile of the RE bartenders triggered memories of – way too many – Wednesday and Sunday nights for some of the patrons in attendance.

The balcony began to get rowdy within 10 minutes of kick off in promising signs for the pub crawl, and the booming atmosphere had UQBA Captain & President, Sabrina Schreiber, beaming with excitement as she welcomed the sell-out crowd of 170 pub-crawlees. Patrons left the RE in search of a new conquest at RG’s, but it was what happened in between that shocked pundits.

An invasion of Toowong Station followed the departure of the RE, and had many of the Toowong locals in shock as the rowdiness spilled over. Soon enough the crawlers made their way off the train and into RG’s. The atmosphere showed no signs of abating as revelers danced in broad daylight to some delightful tunes outside. Indeed, it seemed the only person in control of themselves was UQBA Vice-President, Callum Dunstan, who observed the ruckus solemnly from a nice seat in the corner with a glass of port.

At the other end of the spectrum was marauding Secretary Madison McNaughton, who seemed to be in world beating form as she belted out the lyrics to several songs with no regard for the time of day, nor the (unfortunate) pedestrians walking past the venue at the time. With energy levels falling, an important half time pizza break was necessary to ensure a continued big game at Ric’s.

And it was at Ric’s that being boring was dealt a catastrophic blow, as Avril Lavigne’s ‘Sk8er Boi’ blasted out and caused a dance floor riot that resembled a European football game. It would appear some people on the dance floor expressed a lot of passion indeed…

Finally, pub-crawlers moved to Johnny Ringo’s for the grand finale – and boy did it deliver. Revelers were treated to delicious food (who didn’t love those chicken wings), as well as the bucking bull, in a perfect send off to a fabulous Sunday arvo.