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Internship Advice From A First Year

While uni provides the essential textbook knowledge for a chosen field of work, gaining real-life experience through internships/work experience is invaluable to gather insight into the practical side of n industry. Knowing where and how to apply for internships is always daunting and can be difficult to do. The best piece of advice I could give is to grab any opportunity you are given with both hands, regardless of whether or not you are 100% sure that this is your future. I did work experience at a boutique financial planning firm in Milton, and I have learnt many different things, been taught valuable lessons, and discovered that I really enjoy helping people achieve their goals through simple re-financing. I was taught everything from how to use the high-tech printers, interact with clients, and install new computers complete with running systems; without my work experience I would not know how to do these things. Furthermore, I have been taught the importance of working hard, but more importantly, adding value to the business. At the conclusion of my work experience period I sat down with the owner of the firm and had a discussion about the future in which he acknowledged my hard work and offered me an ongoing part-time job at the firm, simply because he saw the value I was adding to be worthwhile. Outside of internships/work experience, the advice I can offer about day to day uni life is simply to get involved; study isn’t everything. One option is to go out of your way to meet new people by talking to others in your classes or joining social sports teams. There is a society for all interests, so just get amongst it, and you will meet like-minded people who you will know for many years to come. Joining UQBA was up there with the best decision I made in my first year and to be given the chance to write this is just one of many great opportunities which arise through UQBA.